Anja Schneider’s Remixes of “Because of Art, Antony Szmierek – Circle Of Light”: The Soundtrack to Summer


Get ready for the sound of summer with Anja Schneider’s electrifying remixes of “Because of Art, Antony Szmierek – Circle Of Light.” The original track, a collaboration between London’s Alex Grover and indie hip-hop artist Antony Szmierek, has already won the hearts of top DJs like Sasha and Anja Schneider herself, who declared it “Track of the Week” on Club Room 251.

Having dominated music platforms and playlists, including Spotify UK’s ‘New Music Friday,’ anticipation for the remixes has been soaring. Anja Schneider’s versions include a pulsating night mix, with its energizing bassline and warped synth stabs, and a melodic day mix that emphasizes the keys for a laid-back vibe.

With the buzz around the original and Anja Schneider’s remixes, “Because of Art, Antony Szmierek – Circle Of Light” is set to shine as this summer’s standout track, captivating audiences and earning industry recognition.

Get ready to be enchanted by these transformative remixes as they hit the airwaves.