Best of Stress 2022


Best of Stress 2022. 2022 has been an interesting year – it’s been the true return to ‘normal’ and we here at Stress couldn’t be happier about it.

This year we have seen our artists smash stages around the globe, with Hannah Laing’s massive set at Creamfields to JADED bringing all the energy to Australia.

Best of Stress 2022 is a collection of some of the best releases from Stress this year, releasing 16/12/2022

Best of Stress 2022 is a massive collection of dance bangers, including the likes of EYNKA, Hannah Laing and Stephen Kirkwood and Because of Art. 


Have a look at the track list below:


Hannah Laing & Stephen Kirkwood – Don’t Wanna Go

This track was the pair’s first release on Stress and they didn’t disappoint. Intense, intelligent and an all round banger, these Scottish powerhouses have set the bar and made their mark.

JADED – Work

JADED are one of our most exciting artists and ‘Work’ is a standout piece. Having just torn up Australia, JADED are one to absolutely keep an eye on. ‘Work’ is a future classic.

EYNKA – Beyond Us

EYNKA are another very exciting artist on Stress. Beyond us is a chilled out emotional club hit which is as immersive as it is impressive. Everything these guys touch turns to gold and they are slowly becoming Stress staples. 

Leena Punks – Mirage

Leena Punks is a Stress icon and Mirage is a firm hit. This intense house tune has bounds of energy and gets every dance floor pumping. A worthy addition to Best of Stress 2022. 

Tommy Farrow – Closer

Searching for a definition of electronic music should lead you pretty close to Closer by Tommy Farrow. Delicate sampled vocals, a pumping beat and insanely catchy melody make this song a real club anthem.

Jess Bays – Cold Love (Feat. Jack Hawitt) [Artche Remix]

Giving you no warning from the start, this remix is massive. Each element in this track is perfect and the way the vocals are sampled for the drop is enough to give any clubber goosebumps. With huge fizz, bass and a beat which just punches through everything, this one is something to kick any night up a notch.

MANT – Another Place

This track is one of those that just sounds killer from the start. The rhythm of the beat, punchiness of the hats and wobbling bass leaves you pulling faces throughout. Energy pours out of this tune and is no doubt one to have on loop.

Konoka – Touch

With spins on Radio 1, Kiss FM and more, Touch is a trance like house tune with layer upon layer of clever instrumentation, electronic ambience and energy. Building you up perfectly, the song drops and you can’t keep still. Konoka has a lot to come in the future and we can’t wait.

EYNKA – Freefall

Yep, it’s EYNKA again. These titans of Stress just can’t stop making massive tunes which we all love. Freefall is a more intense song from the trio but it still has that distinct ambience you expect. Their live set is shaping up nicely so watch this space.

Because of Art – Lost in the Sun (Leena Punks Remix)

Intense, energetic and a reliable heater, Leena Punks’ remix of Lost In The Sun is one of those tunes that creeps up on you. Before you know it, you’re blinded by lights and the heavy chops are relentlessly hitting you. This one is more than deserving on this collection – it’s a genuinely memorable anthem.

Best of Stress is out now. Released 16/12/2022. Available from our store or our bandcamp.