Club Culture EYNKA ‘Freefall’ Production Q&A


On Thursday the 17th of February we headed to EYNKA’s North London Studio to Live Stream the trio breaking down the Logic project for their latest release on Stress, ‘Freefall’. Here’s an insight into some of the questions they answered during the stream.


Do you tend to build an idea for a full track first and then dive into the details i.e getting things spot on with layering etc towards the end? Or maybe it is just a random order? Creativity can get messy!

Josh: “It depends I guess again, doesn’t it? I mean the process of writing, sometimes you get an idea that comes to you and you’re quite sure straight away exactly what you want to do. Then other times, it’s kind of a bit of exploration and seeing what you feel and then there’s always that reflective period that definitely adds a massive delay to the creative process. You get inspired, you put something down, you’re all loving it but you’re in a particular studio mindset then and the music is to be listened to without trying to criticise it which is a habitual mindset of being producers” 

Dave: “I think that’s a really interesting point actually as in getting a perspective. The amount of times that we’ve written something, and I know that I’m particularly guilty of this, I’ll be like this is it, this sounds amazing, we’ll all get that kind of like buzz and we get really excited when we’re writing in the studio and we’re like yes we’ve found it and then we’ll listen to it the next day and it’s like ahh… it’s just a bit boring. I think being as frustrating as it is, giving yourself space, coming back to something and being like, you know what it’s not right, let’s go back to the writing stage again. So creativity, I agree with you it can get messy and I think the key has been for us, is just to enjoy writing more and more ideas until one sticks”

Josh: “It’s almost like akin to being in a cinema and somebody eating popcorn really loudly, like it just takes you out of the film. So you know you’ve got the right thing when you’re not losing the moment.”

Are there any tracks or artists in the last year who have particularly inspired you

Chris: “An obvious one is ‘Field of Light‘. We really like kind of big, filmic, groovy bits of music and there’s a track called ‘Field of Light’ by Moritz Hoefbauer and Harry Keyworth and it’s on Boris Brejcha’s label (Fcking Serious) and it’s awesome, it’s really epic. That’s one track that’s a really amazing example. Something that I really love about that track, it’s not just the vocal or the melodies but that there’s a real analogue feel to the synths as well. It’s just big and real sounding.

Dave: I’ve got a couple of people; DJ Seinfeld and Ross from Friends. I think in terms of like, production levels where you listen on headphones and it’s so immersive, the level of expertise that you hear in those tracks is superior.

Chris: “… and John Hopkins. We went to see John Hopkins live a few months ago and it was just absolutely insane, like the amount of detail and just something that we find really inspiring about him is the way he’s someone who’s able to make electronic music sound so organic and so real and the mind tricks he plays with you with the music, it’s just so inspiring.

You’ve kicked off 2022 with a bang – ‘Freefall’ is such a great track – what else are you hoping to achieve this year?

Dave: “One thing we’re really passionate and excited about at the moment is writing new music and we feel like we’re at the beginning of a really interesting pathway of a style we’ve really found our feet with, and I know I’m personally looking forward to writing more music with you guys and getting some more music out there .”

Josh: “The inspiration and I’m speaking for all of us here and I hope you agree, it’s the feedback, it’s those kind of comments. As cheesy as it sounds, the process of making music is so beautiful and so cathartic and it’s really rewarding and to be part of a team, you know we’re friends as well and we kind of grew up together which is really special for us, but also just seeing how music is such a bridge between people and such a connector. When you hear feedback about how someone’s been inspired by your music I think that’s just such a magic thing, that’s an inspirational feeling.”  

Dave: “We need to get some gigs, that’s one thing we’re looking forward to. We’re looking forward to coming out of our musical cave of solitude”

Chris: “We’ve got quite a lot of material that we’re working on the moment too and we’ve got an idea of how our sound is going to continue to develop and how that will translate live as well. So we’ve got all this gear here we’re kind of starting to put together more live stuff.”

Dave: “We’ve got another release coming out later on in the year with Stress which we’re really looking forward to.”

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