Club Culture Vol. 2: Artist Q&A


To celebrate the release of Club Culture Vol. 2 we spoke to the featured artists about their clubbing and DJ experiences, from playing to an empty pub to an essential steak bake on a rider.

Printworks, London

What is your favourite club?

Hisai: “Printworks. It’s a match-made-in-heaven for electronic music. I know some people aren’t a fan of what feels like an eternity to get inside but I actually love that – it builds suspense and to walk around the old factory and through the loading bays is just class.”

Jai Dee: “Has to be Sub Club in Glasgow. Spent most of my young clubbing life in that room. Have seen some incredible acts over the years that I wouldn’t have seen anywhere else. Honourable mention to the Sub Club residents too!”

Ben Bux: “Amnesia, Ibiza. It has everything, insane sound system, big rooms, the best acts and extortionate drinks prices, what more could you want from a club?!”


Space, Ibiza

What is your favourite clubbing memory?

Ubblahkan: “Playing Space Ibiza on its final year, surrounded by our closet friends, it will be hard to ever beat that one.”

Tommy Farrow: “Watching the planes land over your head while partying at Ushuaia.”

Yeadon: “Seeing Cristoph play at Digital last year which was the first gig I went to following the lockdowns. It felt amazing to be back out enjoying music with people after such a long time.”

Ministry of Sound, London

What was your first club night?

EYNKA: “It probably would have been an under 18s rave back in the day at Ministry of Sound with a UK Garage soundtrack. It might have even been a black tie dress code – classy!”

Richie Blacker: “It was a club night in Belfast called “Twitch” I ended up at it purely by accident. I was only 15 or 16 walking about Belfast City Center on a Saturday night trying to find a bar or club that would let us into with our asking us for ID. We end up in Laverys Bar and upstairs there was a rave on. That was my first proper clubbing experience.”

Boy North: “The club night I first went too was 2ManyDjs at the Ironworks in Inverness, Will never forgot it, Was a messy one!”

Pacha, ibiza

Where did you play your first set?

Framewerk: “Under our Framewerk name it was at Pacha.”

Just Doc: “Brownes – Belfast. 2012. It was actually a trance set, when I first got into DJing I worked with my good friend and excellent producer Jonny Doyle, we played under an alias ‘Public Malfunxion’ the set was alongside Ciaran McCauley and Shugz.”

Jai Dee: “I think it was when me and my mate played at this pub that turned into a club at 11pm. We played an all out Chicago house set. There must have been about 5 people in the room…”


What’s on your rider?

Yeadon: “More than happy with a couple of Heineken’s and a post set steak bake.”

Because Of Art: Lots of spiced rum, beers, crisps and water. Nothing too crazy.”

EYNKA: “A motivational speech from David Hasselhoff (ideally in person).”

What is your favourite track to save a dancefloor?

My Friend: James “Eric Prydz – Pjanoo.”   Archie “Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Mix)”

Stephen Kirkwood: “Cirez D – On/Off”

Because Of Art: I’ve never had to save a dancefloor ?”


Fabric, London

What’s the best sound system you’ve ever heard?

Hisai: “I would say Fabric; I haven’t been back after the refurb but I remember the low end just passing through my body and everything else just floats on top of what is always an electric energy in there.”

Ubblahkan:  Dale: “Leftfield brought their own system to the Ulster Hall in Belfast for their Leftism tour, the bass was like a hand grenade going off on your chest. Never felt anything like it and probably never will again.”
Fredérick: “For me its easily the Despacio Sound System, it looked great, sounded great and the music coming through it was even more special. A magical experience all round.”

Boy North: “Again a tough one but for me it is again the legendary Sub Club Glasgow, You need to experience it at least once in your lifetime, Trust me.”