Introducing: Hannah Laing


Hailing from Dundee Scotland DJ Hannah Laing found her passion for music from a young age through her parents love of music. Her phenomenal and fast success at such a tender age found her on stage at iconic venues in Scotland such as The Arches (Glasgow), The O2 Academy, main stage at The Royal Highland Centre and Braehead arena. She then got the chance to travel all over the world to perform, supporting major players within the industry including Carl Cox, MK, Fisher, Camelphat and many more.

Having only released music since 2021, Hannah has already released on labels such as WUGD, Spinnin’ and Patrick Topping’s label, Trick. This has seen her included on their line ups at events all summer and we are proud to welcome her to Stress Records.


Hey Hannah. We’re buzzing to have you on the label, welcome! How are you doing and how’s your summer been?
Hey thanks for having me, I’m great thanks. Summer has been literally insane. I have played the best gigs of my life so far and they keep on coming!

Take us right back to the start, how did you get into Djing and music in general?
My mum and dad had me when they were only 17 so they were right into the rave culture in the 90’s I was literally eating house & trance for breakfast in my household. I started going to raves at 15 and was hooked and wanted to learn myself. My mum and dad come to my
gigs now and still love it!

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Don’t Wanna Go’? What’s the story behind it, how did it all come about? It’s such a banger.
Stephen and I go way back, I actually did a production course at his studio years ago. He booked me to do livestreams from the studio and we are now great friends. I admire his ideas and production skills so it was only right we got into the studio together and we have come up with a bouncy techno belter.

What club nights or festivals did you frequently go to when you were younger, and cut your teeth in DJing?
I went to lots of Colours gigs in Glasgow it was the main brand who put on all the major events I eventually became a resident for them after selling tickets for them for years!

(Hannah’s first Colours performance)


What tips can you give artists, DJs, and producers that are just starting out?
Practice your craft and give it your all.
Be persistent, knocks back happen and still happen now but don’t give up. This is completely normal.

What tracks have inspired your productions to date? Can be from any time / era!
Tony De Vit – All you all ready 

Three n one – Pearl river


Who are your top 3 Scottish artists, DJ’s & producers we should be keeping our eyes on for 2022/23?
Amyelle – https://www.instagram.com/amyelle/
Calvin Logue – https://www.instagram.com/calvinlogue/
Alex Culross https://www.instagram.com/alexculross/

Just to wrap things up, what have you got planned for the remainder of the year?
I have another couple of releases and some major shows including my warehouse project debut which I’m absolutely buzzing for! I have wanted to play there for years!!

We’re buzzing to have Hannah on board with us, check out her socials below