Leena Punks Unveils Remix Package for “OOO” Following Stress Discord Group’s Contest


Leena Punks, has unleashed an electrifying remix package for her chart-topping anthem “OOO” (Out of Office).

The highly-anticipated collection of reimagined tracks comes from competition held through our Discord group, where producers were given the stems to remix and showcase their creative prowess. Leena herself played a big part in selecting the standout entries, and the winners are ones to watch in the circuit.

Taking the lead in the remix package is the talented producer Tom Westy, who ingeniously infuses “OOO” with a mesmerizing tech house twist. By expertly emphasizing the hypnotic synth structures and driving kick drums, Tom’s remix catapults the track to new heights, leaving listeners yearning for more dancefloor euphoria.

Jackie Hollander‘s contribution to the collection is a true audio adventure. With an audacious approach, she skillfully warps the vocals, intertwines robust kick drums, and introduces captivating trance elements. The result is a thrilling sonic journey that captivates audiences from the first beat until the track’s exhilarating climax.

CINTIA, another competition winner, showcases her mastery by crafting a build-up that culminates in an explosive drop. Deeper basslines, bubbling synths, and funky vibes intertwine seamlessly to breathe new life into “OOO,” setting dancefloors ablaze and leaving revelers in awe.

Earlier in the summer, the renowned Radio 1 darling Arielle Free added her touch to the remix collection, further solidifying the track’s widespread appeal. The original version of “OOO” enjoyed tremendous support from Radio 1 during its opening week, capturing the hearts of listeners and earning prominent spots across multiple DPS curated playlists.

The diverse range of remixes in this package showcases the extraordinary talent and versatility of emerging producers from both sides of the Atlantic. Each remix offers a distinct and exciting twist on the original, giving fans and DJs an array of options to elevate their music experience.

Leena Punks’ “OOO” remix package is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising listeners an immersive journey through the world of electronic music. With these exceptional remixes, “OOO” is set to be heard and celebrated in a whole new light, solidifying Leena Punks’ position as a trailblazer in the contemporary music scene.