Stress Club Culture Vol. 2


Following the revival of the iconic 1990s dance album series Club Culture in 2020, Stress presents Club Culture Vol. 2. Much like in volume 1,  the label continues to pay homage to the UK’s rich and diverse club culture with a collection of the scene’s freshest tracks and artists.


With the absence of clubs for much of 2020 and 2021, the scene was left without means to gather together and connect with dance music culture and share new music. This left the community yearning for this feeling once again. Club Culture celebrates this re-connection of music through live events now that much of the scene is back to normal as well as pushing the new wave of talent. Stress focuses on breaking new talent with artists including Tommy Farrow, Jess Bays, Because of Art and many more as success stories. 

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Club Culture Vol. 2 comes in the form of 19 carefully curated tracks, mixed and selected  by Northern-Irish DJ and producer Richie Blacker. Each of the selections captures the sound of Stress, a label which has introduced the world to some of the most forward thinking house talents in recent times including Prospa,  Ben Hemsley and Emily Nash, to name a few. Expect breakbeats, emotive progessive house, and peak-time club weapons. The compilation includes 14 exclusives from the likes of Tommy Farrow, Richie Blacker, and Radio One’s Danny Howard, all of which feature on the limited vinyl sampler which accompanies the album.

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The original inc carnation of the UK label brought the world many seminal house tracks in the 1990s including Bedrock’s ‘For You Dream Of’, Last Rhythm’s ‘Last Rhythm’, and Greed’s ‘Pump Up The Volume’. During the 1990’s, Stress was considered one of the world’s greatest independent record labels, where it became known for its growing influence on the progressive house scene. It gave birth to the early careers of iconic producers Sasha and John Digweed. Today it is carving out a whole new scene taking inspiration from the past but creating a whole new sound for the stable.

This is the sound of clubland and club culture.

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