Stress Team Selections: Billy Rogers (August 2022)


Stress Team Selections: Billy Rogers (August 2022)

Each month at Stress we will be asking one of our team members which are their Stress Selections of the month. Next up is digital marketing maestro, Billy Rogers!

 D.Dan – Post Kyiv

Came across this artist the other day via a meme page I follow on Instagram, gone are the days of discovering music on Soundcloud…

Safe to say this record slaps! Big room kick drum and a hypnotic trance synth line, what more do you need?

Joseph Ashworth – Pepper

Joe is one of the artists that we manage and coincidentally one of my all time favourite producers. The depth of his production is astounding as well as his song writing ability, this track is another great example of this. I also worked on the artwork for this album so I may be biased.

Kessler – Hood Mentality

I’m a big fan of Dessert Sound Colony’s label, Holding Hands, it’s one of the few labels that has a genuinely fresh take on the UK bass music sound. Kessler delivers a skippy 2 step inspired cut on the B side of his ‘Foul Play’ EP – I’d love to see this go off a rave / club setting.

Overmono – Cash Romantic

Overmono has to be one of the best acts to come out of the UK electronic scene this decade so far. I streamed every one of their singles from the Cash Romantics religiously on release. The title track from the EP goes hard, reminiscent of early 2000 Dillinja DnB. And I mean who doesn’t love a reese baseline?!

Fontaines D.C – Jackie Down the Line

As I’m surrounded by dance music 24/7, as you can imagine sometimes you need something without a 4×4 kick drum. One of my favourite live music discoveries has been Fontaines D.C, originally I came across with their debut album ‘A Hero’s Death’ during the lock down which I rinsed. Fast forward to 2022 they dropped their 2nd album, Skinty Fia, which is packed with incredible lyricism and a more mature sound – so many good tracks on this.