Stress Team Selections: Luke McFarlane (June 2022)


Stress Team Selections: Luke McFarlane June 2022

Each month at Stress we will be asking one of our team members which are their Stress Selections of the month. First up for June is our Head of A&R Luke McFarlane!

Ejeca – Keep Climbing [Needwant]

Have to give a shout out to one of our other labels – it’s just such a wicked record. Big old piano house ravey banger, it just lifts me up whenever I listen to it. When I go running (hardly ever) this track keeps me going or shall i say climbing…Ejeca, the boss!

Digitalism – Picnic [Diynamic]

Everything these guys do is just great. The EP they did on Running Back a few years ago was killer, and their output this year so far has been solid. The whole EP on Diynamic is wicked so it was hard to pick one track from it but Picnic gets the nod, the production is pure ?

Surya Sen – So I Just (feat. Bone Slim) (Cousn Remix) [BMG/Skint]

I think this project is wicked and the original is super slick, but when i heard the Cousn remix i was blown away. Such a vibe this record I love it.

Simon Doty – Hometown [Anjunadeep]

This record has been out for a few months now but I’m always going back to it, its a record i first heard on a mix Simon did for Electronic Groove a while back and was very happy to see it get an official release. Of course i’d suggest going straight for the extended mix – the lyrics ‘come with me on a journey’ have never rang so true – thats exactly what it is. Killer record!

Powel – Whatever [Do Not Sit On the Furniture]

I’ve been a big fan of Powel’s productions for a long time now and they just keep getting better. The emotion, progression and the build-ups are just next level, it’s a real melodic journey this record and I’ve been playing it a lot since it came out.