Subtrax : Ireland Unplugged


Northern Ireland is a region steeped in culture, vibrant music scenes and banging tunes. For Subtrax, a rising star in the electronic music scene and on the label, this place holds a special significance for his hometown Derry, and a mega source of musical inspiration.

Let’s go on a journey through some of Subtrax’s personal recommendations for exploring and emerging Irish artists making waves in the scene

Derry: Where Music Meets Memories

  1. Has to be Derry. The place where I grew up means a lot to me in terms of music as well. I have been going to music events since I was 13 when Radio 1’s big weekend came to town.  My favourite venue was probably the Bunker which has now been done away with like most of the venues in the city which is sad to see, but make sure you check Club21 if you’re in the area.
  2. Dunfanaghy in Donegal is where I used to spend the majority of my summers. A great buzz about it and there’s plenty to do! Pizza and a pint out the back of Patsy Dans in the ‘Rusty Oven’. 
  3. Waterfoot Park – special mention goes to the place where I make all my tunes. Big up WFT. 

Irish Artists to Watch

There is so much talent emerging from the emerald Isle at the minute so it is hard to pick individuals. I’m very excited for what the future holds for us all!

  1. Black Traffic: Keep an eye on this artist for their unique sound and potential breakthroughs in the music industry.
  2. Matty Ralph: With a distinct style and promising tracks, Matty Ralph is someone to watch closely.
  3. Imogen O’Flaherty: Imogen’s music showcases tremendous potential, and she’s poised for a bright future in music.

Celebrating Subtrax’s Debut Track on Stress

Subtrax’s music journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His debut track, “WFT,” has catapulted him into the spotlight, after he’s rapidly gained popularity on SoundCloud. We love it.

Get ‘WFT’ on your playlists – this one keeps the energy high and the crowd dancing all night long.