Unveiling Musical Mastery: The Journey of Stephen Kirkwood’s ‘Loving You’


In the heart of Glasgow’s music scene, Hannah Laing and Stephen Kirkwood emerged to captivate audiences worldwide with the beats of ‘Don’t Wanna Go,’

Now, as fate would have it, a year later, history will be repeating itself as Stephen drops his follow up single ‘Loving You‘ today.

The heartbeat of the track is none other than the popular sample from Alan Braxe, The Paradise – ‘In Love With You.’

The journey to secure this cherished sample was not without its challenges, as the process of clearance tested their determination alongside its backing from Radio 1’s Sarah Story throughout the process. As the track prepares to grace more airwaves and playlists, the buzz surrounding this one is mega.

In a rare opportunity for music enthusiasts and budding producers alike, Stephen Kirkwood is set to offer an exclusive glimpse into the art of sampling.

On September 14th, he will be joining the Stress Discord group to share his insights into the intricate world of sampling. Participants will have the chance to delve into the creative process, learn about the challenges of sample clearance, and gain valuable knowledge from a maestro himself.

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